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We are ML/AI experts.

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We're ready to serve you with industry-leading experience. Driven by a team of engineers, scientists and analysts with a mix of indystry expertise, Ominor AI's solutions are fine-tuned to the needs of businesses in every sector.

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    Renier van Rooyen

    Founder, strategist and AI engineer

      • 3 years strategy consulting and over 10 years analytics experience
      • Has led AI and analytics projects for clients cross multiple industries
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    Ridhwaan Mayet

    Project lead, data scientist and actuary

      • Data Scientist with over 12 years experience
      • Focusses on customer data analytics and driving empirical results
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    Wogan May

    Lead data engineer

      • Enterprise data engineering and analytics team lead with 12 years experience
      • Developed analytics solutions for multinational clients
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    Talal Asmal

    Data scientist and bionformaticist

      • Delivered client facing analytics across retail, logistics, and health care
      • Developed deep learning predictive models
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    Chloë Smith

    Associate ML engineer and data scientist

      • Recent graduate with interest in ML, especially computer vision and NLP
      • Experience in consulting, and deep learning in an academic context
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    Matthew Kruger

    Associate ML engineer and reinforcement learning researcher

      • Deep expertise in machine learning methods and reinforcement learning
      • Silver medallist in international AI competition